Friday the 13th Port Dover



Vendor spaces are not available for January 13th, 2023 - watch for information for October 2023

Basic information to follow:

1. Site Application Vendors must apply to Port Dover Board of Trade, PO Box 239, 19 Market St. W., Port Dover N0A 1N0 for approval to set-up in the Elmer Lewis Parking Lot (downtown), Chapman St.(food vendors), Hald-Nor lot, Clinton St. lot, lower St. George St., upper Powell Park and south end of Harbour St.. Send the site application via e-mail to or fax to 519-583-3275, with your company information a, number of spaces requested and signature. We will contact you. You may be assigned a vendor spot or added to a waiting list for future consideration or invited to attend our next event if a vendor from a past event cannot attend or additional property becomes available. Vendors attending any event are based on a first come, first served basis. A 10 ft X 10 ft space is $500 + HST = $565.00 during warm weather events and $250 + HST = $282.50 during Cold weather events. The maximum depth of all lots is 10 feet. Wider lots will be provided (multiples of 10′ x 10′) only if space allows — ensure you have booked a larger space if required.

During cold weather events vendors are only set up in the paved Elmer Lewis Parking Lot.

2 – Trade Mark – Vendors attending the Friday the 13th events WILL NOT be allowed to sell any merchandise or products with the words ” Friday the 13th, PD13, Port Dover PD13 with the logo” without a trademark agreement from the Port Dover Board of Trade. All uses of marks, services and/or event name must be requested in writing. See News: trademark for further information.

3. Norfolk County Transient Vendor Permit – All vendors require a transient vendor permit from Norfolk County (see home page) for this event. Please contact the County to make this arrangement as early as possible as the permit sales close two weeks prior to the event. By Law enforcement will be inspecting every site so please have the actual permit visible. Food vendors also need a license and health inspection from Norfolk County. Also confirm your tent meets all Norfolk County Fire Department regulations. (See home page for the fire codes) These codes are listed within the Norfolk County document. A fire extinguisher with current inspection tag (within 1 year) is also required.

Fire inspectors will visit each vendor at their site to verify their tent fire retardancy codes meet specifications. If you’ve paid the Port Dover Board of Trade for a spot and on the day of the event you do not have proper licensing, or fire retardancy codes for your tent, you are subject to a fine enforced by Norfolk County Bylaw personnel. The Port Dover Board of Trade will not refund your payment for the lot due to your own negligence.

Vendors must remain in their designated space for the duration of the event. If at any time you decide to move your booth to an alternate location, you will be told to shut down your booth and will not be invited back. Bylaw will have a list of locations from our committee where vendors are to be. If you are not where you should be, Bylaw may believe you have entered the event without permission, and may shut you down. The County will have a list of all the vendors that we have been approved to attend this event. If your name is not on the list you will not have the opportunity to secure licensing from Norfolk County for the event.

Vendors are not allowed to wander from their designated space. Anyone wandering the street asking for donations does not have a permit to do so and will be fined.

If you still have questions about our event, please forward an e-mail to and we will do our best to answer them for you.

The Friday the 13th committee works to ensure the success of the day for all. If it determines any vendor did not honour their agreement on event day, they will NOT be invited back. Due to limited space in Port Dover, we must fill available space with responsible vendors who are willing to work with our team to make our event safe for all those attending our event.

Thank you for your cooperation.