Friday the 13th Port Dover

Parking and Shuttles

Parking and Shuttles

Note: During off season event dates as in 2015, there are no scheduled road closures. All traffic flows freely and no shuttle service is offered.

Parking and Shuttles: Warm Weather Events Only
Only bikes or vehicles with valid Resident Passes will be allowed to drive into town for this years event. Parking and shuttles in and out of Port Dover will have EXTENDED hours. Shuttles will start at 8:00 a.m. on Friday, July 13th and run until 4:00 a.m. on Saturday, the 14th.

Vehicles entering town from the EAST side (coming from Hamilton way) will be directed to the parking lot located on St. John’s Road. Their shuttle will drop off at the intersection by legion and LCBO (St. Patrick). Vehicles entering town from the WEST side (coming from London way) will be directed to the parking lot located on highway 6. Their shuttle will drop off near Dover Cliff’s Nursing home on St. George Street. Vehicles coming in on the Blue Line Road will be directed to parking lots at the discretion of the OPP. Please respect our authorities and travel safely.

Cost of Parking & Shuttles
$10.00 per person to a MAXIMUM of $40.00 per vehicle. Youth under 16 are free. Park your car, get to town safely with our shuttle service, unlimited trips in and out of town, stay until morning if necessary and enjoy extended hours (now 8 am – 4 am) at Canada’s largest one day biker rally!

Proceeds from the parking lot revenue will be donated to to various charities and local projects.