Friday the 13th Port Dover


There will be plenty of food options during Friday the 13th. The local restaurants serve everything from hot dogs, fries, pizza and burgers to Port Dover’s famous perch, pickerel and celery bread. Main Street restaurants also offer many new options from Crepes, Steaks and Mid Eastern fare to gourmet pastries and more. This year, outdoor … Read more


Port Dover Maple Leaf community newspaper has installed a Main Street webcam showing a portion of the action along Main Street. Great to view if you can’t attend and great to view before you come. Get the link by visiting or google ‘Main Street Port Dover’ and look for the ustream link.

Trademark Licensing

Below are pdf’s of FAQ’s and trademark agreement. Trademark FAQ’s 2015 Trademark Agreement Please contact Port Dover Board of Trade 519-583-1314

You’re Invited To Port Dover

A crowd of bikers and bike enthusiasts is always expected in Port Dover whenever a Friday the 13th occurs. Tens of thousands of bikers and visitors will descend on the town of about 6,000 year-round residents along the north shore of Lake Erie for the traditional event during warm weather months. During the colder months … Read more